Kids and Families


This is the ideal class for younger kids (ages 6+) who are new to Tae Kwon Do or who are at a  white or yellow belt level. This class is also great for families who want to train together.


Mon & Thurs
6:30-7:30 pm


Adults and Advanced


This class moves at a faster pace and is ideal for students at a green belt or higher level. Adults and older kids of all levels (including beginner) are welcome in this class.


Mon & Thurs
7:30-8:30 pm


Sessions & Pricing

Classes are offered on Monday and Thursday evenings. Students have the option of training the full session (2x/week) or half session (1x/week). 
We encourage family members to train together. Special family discount pricing offered for two or more members.


Sept 9 to Dec 23, 2019
Full Session $260
Half Session $160


Jan 6 to Apr 23, 2020
Full Session $260
Half Session $160


Apr 27 to Jun 22, 2020
Full Session $160
Half Session $90


Uniforms & Equipment

All students are required to wear a traditional white martial arts uniform with belt, school crest and flag crests. Total cost of uniform and crests is $75.

Once students reach senior belt levels (green belt and above) safety equipment consisting of padded hand and foot protection is required. Optional tournament participation will require padded head gear, groin protection and mouth guard.

If you are trying your first class, please wear athletic clothing with no socks or shoes.